swimming 1 Victoria’s journey to the pool started at a very young age. Growing up around pools and lakes, she learned to swim early on. Following in her Mother’s footsteps she began to swim competitively at the age of nine. She took part in many sports such as baseball, soccer, lacrosse, skiing, dance, ice hockey and field hockey. One sport that Victoria truly shined in was swimming, although her sporting career was cut short at the age of eleven. Victoria never thought she’d be an athlete again let alone ever return to the pool. In 2010 after a five year hiatus and paralysis Victoria made her way back into the pool, although it was not by choice. Her two triplet brothers William and Cameron strapped her into a life jacket and threw her in the pool. That pivotal event is what eventually led her almost exactly two years later shattering world records and winning gold at the London 2012 Paralympic games.

Victoria is a Team USA Paralympic Swimmer, Gold and Three- Time Silver Medalist From The London 2012 Games, A Three- Time World Record Holder, And An 11-Time Pan American And 12-Time American record Holder.

Victoria continues to challenge herself athletically, not just in swimming, but with Golf, Cycling, Biathlon, Nordic Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Sled Hockey, Tennis, and Triathlons.

swimming 2London Paralympic Games - Day 10

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