Give Back

Victoria Arlen has spent much of her time giving back, it has truly always been her passion since she was a little girl to help others. She credits all of her successes to the amazing people that were there for her when she needed it most. Victoria supports and is involved in many charity and non-profit endeavors such as Champions Club, Northeast Passage, Project Walk Recovery Foundation and the Victoria’s Victory Fund.

Champions Club

Victoria supports and recently became involved with Champions Club based out of Lakewood Church in Houston. Started by Pastor Craig Johnson who’s son has Autism. Champions Club is “a specially designed developmental area for kids, youth, and adults with special needs. Our goal was to develop a program that would meet the developmental needs of children in four important ways,

Champions Clubs have expanded through out the United States and in countries around the world help through consultation, training, fundraising, and speaking to help churches, schools and organizations launch their own special needs program.” Victoria believes that “every child and adult despite their disability should have access to these key things. What Craig has done with Champions Club is truly inspiring and I’m honored to help in whichever way I’m needed.”

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Northeast Passage

Northeast Passage is an organization very near and dear to Victoria’s heart. When Victoria awoke from the four year vegetative state she faced the devastating reality of paralysis. In February 2010 before she could even talk Victoria came across a UNH alumni magazine focusing on the Vancouver Paralympic and Olympic games and the sport of sled hockey. The primary focus from Northeast Passage and how they get athletes with various disabilities back in the game. Victoria looked her Mother Jacqueline and she knew that her daughter was ready to get back into the game. Northeast Passage believed in Victoria and not only did she return to the ice playing sled hockey but she also returned to the pool. Within the two years of working with Northeast Passage Victoria joined the US Women’s National Sled hockey team and Victoria swam her way to a gold and three silver medals in the London Paralympic Games. Since joining the Northeast Passage family Victoria has become outspoken for the good that Northeast Passage and sport have on each and every one of us. She credits Northeast Passage for “not only getting me back in the game (ice and pool) but back in the game of life”.

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Project Walk Recovery

Victoria is passionate about giving hope to those who need it most and in 2014 Victoria and her family opened Project Walk Boston. Based out in California Project Walk is a “paralysis recovery center aimed at helping provide hope and an improved quality of life for people affected by mobility related disorders through activity based therapy.” After spending three months in California at Project Walk Victoria and her family realized that this was not only the answer for Victoria to recover but the answer to so many. On January 24, 2015 on a cold and blizzard filled day Project Walk Boston opened it’s doors. Since becoming the first east coast franchise Project Walk Boston is giving hope so to many who need it most. Because treatment at Project Walk is out of pocket many families need your help, thus The Project Walk Recovery Foundation was born. Through fundraising and donations people from all over the world have the opportunity to give the gift of recovery.

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Victoria’s Victory Fund

Victoria is currently in the process of starting her own foundation called “The Victoria’s Victory” Foundation which is aimed at helping children all over the world achieve their own Victory. You can donate to the Victoria’s Victory fund through the non-profit organization “Annie’s Angels”.

“Annie’s Angels is honored to be working with Victoria Arlen and her “Victoria’s Victory Fund.” The mission of Victoria’s Victory Fund is to help people from all walks of life achieve their own victory. Whether it is granting someone independence by giving them a wheelchair, supporting an athlete as they pursue their dream of being a gold medalist or giving children in third world country orphanages shoes or another meal or even sponsoring someone to go to Project Walk Boston. This foundation is aimed at helping all kinds of victories to be achieved. After all it is about celebrating the magnificence of all victories.Annie's Angels