Rock Your Disability!

Home Page 1“Rock Your Disability” has always been a motto I’ve lived by ever since this all began. Being thrown so much at me at such an early age, I had to learn to tackle this “disability” and challenges early on and not let them define me. I created “Rock your disability” when I first began navigating the world in a wheelchair. Something I never imagined would happen to me, it was very hard to grasp this new reality of mine. Being able to have hot pink, chrome and gold wheelchairs for various events I realized that I could rock this wheelchair and all the things that separated me from the “normal” were not necessarily a bad thing. It was no longer something that was negative it became an “accessory” to my outfit and a platform to make a difference and break the stereotypes.

This motto went viral on my first appearance on CNN leading up to the London 2012 Games. I was asked “What advice do you have for other people in similar situations as you and going through challenges?” My response was “Rock your disability”

This motto does not just mean rocking an obvious disability such as a wheelchair in my case, it is about rocking whatever makes you unique and different. We are all made beautiful, one of a kind and to stand out. Let this motto show you that despite these differences or ‘disabilities’ that make you feel different than everyone else you can go out despite it all and rock who you are! Life hands us challenges every day and it is all about perspective and your attitude towards it all. Life is not easy and we all have challenges and obstacles that can either make us or break us. I hope you go out and rock it!

Modeling / Acting

Acting has always been something I enjoy doing – from dance recitals to local theatre and school drama presentations, I guess I’ve always been somewhat of a “ham” in front of a camera!

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I love the Bruins!

I have loved sports since as far back as I can remember. Swimming was my big sport growing up, but I have been involved in every sport imaginable- soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, skiing, biking and even dancing.

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Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

I would love to have the opportunity to speak at your community event, charity or school to share what I have learned about how to “Rock Your Disability” and overcome the challenges you are facing to come out on top.

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